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Interested in Membership?

There are several categories with differing requirements.

A Full Member is one who has completed a probationary period and participates in the activities of the Federation.
Each Full Member shall pay by January 15, of the current year an annual subscription to be set from time to time by the Council and ratified at a General Meeting. A Full Member shall not participate in the Federations activities until his/her current subscription has been paid in full.
Any Full Member who has forfeited his/her membership by non-payment of subscription shall be required to re-apply for membership. If accepted he/she shall pay a re-entry fee and the current years subscription.

A Probationary Member is one who has applied for membership in the Federation and who, during a probationary period, shall be exposed to all aspects of shooting as a sport and shall be entitled to participate in the activities of the Federation for a period of not less than six (6) months after receipt of notice in writing from the Assistant Secretary/Treasurer to that effect.
A probationary membership fee to be set from time to time by the Council and ratified at a General Meeting shall be paid to the Honorary Treasurer or Assistant Secretary/Treasurer within fourteen (14) days after notice in writing from the Assistant Secretary/Treasurer. Such member shall not enjoy voting rights during the probationary period.

A Temporary Member is one who may be admitted for one (1) month by the Council on a referral from the Royal Barbados Police Force for the purpose of acquiring skill in the proper use and maintenance of a firearm. Upon completion of training, the Federation shall certify whether the member is competent with the firearm.
A Temporary Member may also be a person who has had previous shooting experience and who, upon the presentation of proof to that effect, may be admitted by the Council and be permitted to participate in all shooting activities for a period not exceeding one (1) month.

Every Full Member shall be permitted to introduce visitors as their guest and shall accompany them at all times while on the Federations premises.
A Temporary Member shall have no rights other than the privilege of shooting on the Federations ranges.
A Temporary Member shall pay a monthly subscription to be set from time to time by the Council and ratified at a General Meeting.

A Non-shooting Member is a former full member of the Federation who may, upon application in writing and upon payment in advance of a fee to be set from time to time by the Council and ratified at a General Meeting, be elected by the Council as a Non-shooting member. Such member shall have no voting rights nor be eligible to be elected to the Council.

An Honorary Member is one who, because of his/her contribution to the Federation, has been elected to such status by the Council. Such member shall not be liable for the payment of any fees but shall enjoy all the privileges of a Full Member with the exception of voting rights and the eligibility for election to the Council.

An Affiliate Member is a shooting organization which at the discretion of the Council may utilize the physical shooting facilities of the Federation. Such organizations upon application and acceptance shall be required to pay ~an affiliation fee to be set by the Council and ratified at a General Meeting.

A Junior Member is a person between the age of ten (10) and eighteen (18) years. Such a person shall be accepted as a Junior Member and their probationary fee, entrance fee and annual subscription shall be half of the existing fees. The application must be accompanied by a letter from a parent or guardian giving permission for him/her to become a member. A Junior Member shall at all times, while shooting, be under the guidance of the proposer or seconder.

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