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General Notices

Rules & regulations

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Types of Members

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Probationary Members & Guests

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Trigger Weights

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The Barbados Rifle and Pistol Federation wishes to advise all of its members that in compliance with the laws of Barbados, there will be no smoking on the club premises.

 IPSC Training and Shooting Sessions at Paragon & Kendal

Members are hereby notified that if they are desirous of shooting at BRA and Kendal Sporting on Saturdays that they must give adequate notice to Mr. Charles Belle.

Mr. Belle has requested hat members give at least forty-eight hours notice so that he can have adequate time to arrange for the transportation of ammunition and guns where necessary

Your cooperation will be appreciated.

By order of the Council

To Whom it may Concern

Letters for Members to accompany their applications to the Commissioner of Police for Firearm Licences, have been and for that matter, will always be written,(Until the Secretary has been otherwise advised by the Board of Directors), after the members financial status and/or the stipulated criteria, if applicable, has been met for the requested firearm.

Members should also note that they should first apply to the Board of Directors in writing, clearly stating the calibre firearm that is needed and the purpose for which it will be required, prior to submitting their applications to the Commissioner of Police.



Ammunition Notice

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Renewal of Membership

In addition to payment of your membership fee, please return your I.D. Card to Mr. Marvell for renewal

Renewal of Firearm Licenses

Please be advised that members should submit a copy of their firearms license(s) (current) each time the license is re-newed.


Businesss Cards & Flyers

All finincial members are elligible to make use of the business card display unit located in the main foyer. Kindly contact Mr. Charles Belle to make arrangements for placement.